Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Surviving with bougatsa

Hello people! I know it's been quite a long time, but I'm still alive (sort of). I guess this is not surprising anyone anymore, but I got sick again and it's actually my second time in a month! My head feels like a ticking bomb that is about to explode. Today I just had enough of this shit and went to the pharmacy to buy some stuff in hopes of getting better some day. 

Other than being sick my life has been pretty much the same...cycling, work, studying and salsa dancing (whenever I'm not sick obviously). I am just really looking forward for the spring to come because I can't stand wearing that heavy coat and cycling at the same time anymore. I also hope that spring is going to be more cheerful than it is now.
January in Amsterdam from the backyard.

Either way even though I make my life sound boring it  has had it's moments with good friends and laughing with funny things that the kids say. The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen and I was taking care of the two year old who came in with a set of glittery fairy wings and told me to put them on. After that we were just "flying" around both wearing our glittery wings making airplane noises. It was such a funny moment to see how much he was enjoying it. Now he loves his wings so much that he is wearing them almost everyday! 

From one thing to another I was so excited to find that there is a place in Waterlooplein that sells Greek coffee and bougatsa. I love Greek coffee but my love for bougatsa is even bigger! It felt like stepping into a small Greek community where I could just sit and relax! I must say that it took a while to find this place, but it was definitely worth the search!
 walking around with Laura
 On Friday I am going to Greece so let's hope that this cold is over by then! Time to eat some gyros and more bougatsa in a real Greek enviroment! Wohooo!