Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This week included

A dress makeover from this
 to this
White just wasn't my thing anymore so navy blue it is!
 Perffect weather for being outside! Me likes
Knitting and Reading (not at the same time). Still trying to read Bridget Jones in Spanish...mah!

This motorbike ( just because it's so shiny and cool )

Two classes of French and my pronunciation sounds more like German than French...ahhh sexy!
If I ever end up in France I will just fake it like in this video. I'm not giving up though! There is still hope...I think.
Last but not least I'm going to Berlin in March! Ticket booked...check
The crack up of the week though was putting iceberg on google translate to be translated into Spanish and then listening to how it's pronounced (click here ). For some really strange reason I found it very funny. I am weird I know!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

We all need cake and sun

Hello world! After having a flu for the last week my only comfort ended up being the sales. I am so proud of myself for not emptying the whole store. It turns out I have learned something during these years! Less is more ;)

I do have a thing for clothes, but I have a bigger passion for cakes (as most of you know already). I got an order from a family friend to bake a cake for her granddaughter's birthday and she specifically wanted ballet shoes on the cake. I am not an expert and the shoe part made me a bit nervous. I turned out having more difficulties with the batter and not having enough ingredients (which is a silly silly silly mistake). I ran to the store and made a second batter for the cake. In the end I put my best effort and a chocolate-raspberry cake was born! Phew...
cake under construction

Life these past few weeks has been rather boring I would say, but for some strange reason I enjoy having the opportunity to be in one spot. No worries though, I will be soon on the road again! I am planning to do a trip  somewhere in Europe and visit some friends, so we will see how that goes. For now I am still in Greece enjoying the sun that keeps hiding behind the clouds.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two years!

Hi people! When I started this blog, I didn't think that I would still be here after two years! It's been a fun time writing this blog and I must say that many things have changed during this time in my life. Blogging has been a fun hobby and hopefully I will still have the energy and the time to continue writing once in a while.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Going back to Italia

Saying goodbye to Pia and Tess today was really depressing. After two weeks of having them here we had the most hilarious time ever! Now they are heading back to Italia and I will go back to my lame life...mah!
The last few days though we got to make huge food babies (even bigger than before), had some more tsipouro and spent our time the Greek way!
 In Kala Nera
 Fredoccino:  A coffee chocolate ice milk concoction comparable to the tears of angels.
That's how Pia and Tess described it the first time they had it in Santorini and I couldn't agree more!
CAUTION: Super addictive!
Ending our coffee time with the sunset! Could life get any better?
Well, it actually can get better with tsipouro!
According to google:
Tsipouro is a strong distilled spirit containing 40-45% alcohol by volume and is produced from the pomance (the residue of the wine press). It comes in two types: Pure or anise-flavored.

 The best part is the food ( I guess this doesn't surprise anyone anymore!)
 Tsipouro may cause some strange behaviour... this for example.
Now the girls will be in Italy enjoying the pasta and wine buhuhuuuuu.
Maybe it's my chance now to lose those six kilos of this last year. Sounds like a plan!
Arrivederci amici!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's next?

After the girls' post it's back me again! Thank you mamasita and chiquita for your beautiful post :) By they way don't forget to check out Pia's and Tess's blog (click here) . They write so well and they have so good stories to share with the world!

Now that the year has changed I kind of wondered of what I had really achieved in 2013. In the beginning of the year I felt a bit useless because I still didn't know what I wanted to do and knowing that my friends were all studying I felt the pressure that I should be doing the same. In September I got accepted to University but I realised that it wasn't for me so I kept travelling and I couldn't be happier that I stick to my decision. After travelling in 15 cities around Europe I must say that I wouldn't be the person I am now. Seven countries and six kilos later I am the happiest a person can be!

Now let's go back in time and see what I actually achieved!

February- March 2013 (Italy)

Italy was one of those things that just happened. One night I was looking for cheap tickets online and booom I booked my ticket to Italy just like that spontaneously! I couch surfed for the first time and even though it was the most terrifying thing  jumping on a plane just me and my backpack I survived!

First stop was Rome...
Second stop Florence...
Third stop Milan...
Fourth stop Bergamo...

March-April 2013 (Spain)

From Bergamo I flew back to Greece for a couple of weeks before heading to Spain! I decided to go South all the way to Andalucia!

My trip started from Barcelona
A quick stop in Alicante
All the way to Sevilla where I met up with my Greek friend Fotini that I met in Florence on my previoust trip in Italy

April-May 2013 (Serbia-Budapest-Italy)

My trip continued and this time I got to travel with my Mom's friends. They were planning to go all the way to Budapest from Greece by car and since they had free space in the car they invited me to  join them. How could I say no to an offer like that! Besides we had a great time! :D

Our first stop was in Serbia in some strange place called Nisava (or something close to that)
 From there we drove all the way to Budapest which was our final destination
Flew back to Greece from Italy and we got to have a quick look of Venice which was absolutely beautiful!
June, July, August 2013 (Finland)
After all that travelling it was about time to go back to Finland to work! Not the happiest time of my life, but my biggest motivation was to get money so that I could travel more! I must say though that it was nice to spend time with my friends in Finland and they made my time there so much better!

September 2013 (Germany-Greece)

I decided to meet up in Frankfurt with a friend that I had met in Sevilla. I also got to visit my cousin in Darmstadt which was really beautiful compared to the big city of Frankfurt.

After Frankfurt I went back to Greece to enjoy some sunshine :)

October 2013 (Spain)

I got a volunteer job in a hostel in Sevilla so I didn't get to rest too much under the hot sun of Greece. To my good luck Sevilla was even hotter but the fact that it didn't have a beach made it even worse...

It was beautiful though, I can't lie!

November 2013 ( England-Spain )

A month later because of my grandma's death I decided to go to Finland for the funeral. I already had a ticket to London so I took advantage of my ticket and flew through London to Finland.

On my way back to Sevilla I had a stop in Barcelona for a couple of days

December 2013 ( Portugal-Greece )

Last but not least before coming back home I decided to go to Lisbon and say hi to my friends I had met in Sevilla. Lisbon was beautiful but if I hadn't had my friends there it would have been just another city among the others...

 Even though all these places were great, travelling would not have been the same without all the great people I got to know! Me, Pia and Tess were talking about it and honestly we all think the same after all this time of travelling around.
I don't know what 2014 holds for me, but it is up to me of how great a year is going to be. Last year I did things that felt impossible in the beginning, but I am proud of myself that I took the step to go travel on my own.
Plans never work out for me so maybe I will just go with the flow this year and see what happens!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ft Pia & Tess

Kali Xronia, Onnellista uutta vuotta, Happy New Year!!
From Pia and Tess, the two Australians who followed Karoliina from Sevilla to her house. We have now hijacked her blog.
New Year's Eve was very different this year for us. In Australia, it's so hot that you melt slightly all day. At night, nobody even considers staying inside. It's all about the alcohol, and watching the Sydney Harbour Bridge countdown and fireworks on TV. We are used to crazy house parties, a terrible hangover on New Years Day and lots of kangaroos.
 This year, we baked feta cheese pies and knitted to calm our excitement. Much to our extreme joy, Karoliina baked an amazing carrot cake that we could only eat after midnight.
That saucy little minx.
We got all dolled up and ready for the guests to arrive, not realising that eating your own body weight in food is a New Year's Eve tradition here. For us, the night is all about drinking. Anneli cooked some amazing food, and her friends contributed to the dinner table.
Before we knew it, we had huge food babies and wine was going down like water. We took some shocking photos
 and danced shamelessly in the living room.

Suddenly, the new year was approaching. We all ran on to the balcony to watch some fireworks and say goodbye to the last seconds of 2013, the best year of our lives because we met Karoliina! When it turned midnight, a round of cheek kissing and kali xronias welcomed the new year. We all ran back downstairs for cake, and it was worth the wait. We were given the opportunity to go out clubbing in Volos, but why club when the three of us could dance to our own beats? We finished off the night by walking by the seaside, talking shit like we always do and Pia stumbling along. It was a very different New Year's Eve, but one of the best we've had. We can never thank Karoliina or her family enough for the kindness they've shown us in the past week, and we are so happy that we entered 2014 with them.
We love you sneaky monkey, from mamasita and chiquita xx