Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This week included

A dress makeover from this
 to this
White just wasn't my thing anymore so navy blue it is!
 Perffect weather for being outside! Me likes
Knitting and Reading (not at the same time). Still trying to read Bridget Jones in Spanish...mah!

This motorbike ( just because it's so shiny and cool )

Two classes of French and my pronunciation sounds more like German than French...ahhh sexy!
If I ever end up in France I will just fake it like in this video. I'm not giving up though! There is still hope...I think.
Last but not least I'm going to Berlin in March! Ticket booked...check
The crack up of the week though was putting iceberg on google translate to be translated into Spanish and then listening to how it's pronounced (click here ). For some really strange reason I found it very funny. I am weird I know!

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