Thursday, November 29, 2012

Girl power!

¡Hola, hola!

I am so excited that my friends from Finland are arriving in about one hour! I have been freaking out and I just can't wait to see them again :) It doesn't feel real that they are coming...only when they are here I am going to believe it hehe.
I am not too happy though that the weather has changed so much these past few days! It is so cold and the worst thing is that the heating in the apartments is really bad :( I'm freezing....
Today we went with Sahri to the cinema to watch a movie in Spanish, pretty hopeless I must say. Half of the things said in the movie felt like öakljföakljgkljaöfkj this in my ear. Poco a poco I'm going to learn more I guess.  I wish I had more spanish speaking friends so I could practise with them or maybe I should just go more often to the language exchange events they organize once a week. Anyway...too late now I have only 6 days left....SIX DAYS oh no! I am going to cry so bad my last day here...por seguro.
Right now I just want to have fun with the girls and eat as much tapas as possible :D
Beds made...check!
I had problems switching on the need three remots to do it. Yeah...spanish Tv works just great :D

 I never buy nutella but the girls are coming so...girls love chocolate! ( Okay, guilty...I am just trying to make them fat buahaha)
 And this is the impatient face of mine.
I just can't believe that this is also my last week here! I am glad that the girls are coming so they can take my mind off from that. I am glad that I am going home, but I really hope to come back soon. Well, you never know what is going to happen in the future :)
¡Hasta luego!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cumpleaños feliz

¡Hola chicos!

I have totally forgotten about my blog these past few days! I need to buy a smaller camera so I can take it with me anywhere I go, because I am so lazy carying the big one everywhere :/

Anyway! Yesterday I got to spend me special day with special people :) I must say that turning 19 hasn't changed many things. Maybe you could say I have gained more experience this last year, but I feel the same...maybe I don't look that young and fresh anymore hehe.

On Friday was my last day of Spanish lessons and I must say that I am going to miss my teachers and all the people I met there. My Spanish is soooo much better now and I can actually have  a conversation...or at least I think so. I just wish people could speak a bit slower D:

As you can see from the pictures people are in the Christmas mood now! Barcelona is shining :D
People just love Christmas here :D The whole city is full of decorations and markets. I don't actually understand why they say that Spain is in crisis...people seem to just buy more and more!
These are the latest news from here! My friends from Finland are coming on Wednesday and I can't wait to see them again :)
¡Hasta luego!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The little things

¡Hola guapos!

I have been living in Barcelona for about seven weeks now and I don't think I have explained yet why I love Spain so much! The truth is that my love for Spain started four years ago because of a Spanish tv show that was in Spanish (obviously!) and I liked how it sounded. One year later when I moved to Finland we had the oportunity to study Spanish at school so I took advantage of that and that's how my love for Spanish culture started!

Now that I live here it feels like I am falling in love with Barcelona each day more and more. It's about the small things you can do here. You can have a nice day without spending so much money. I can just go for a walk at the beach or take a coffee and read my book and I am happy! More simply I have learned to enjoy the little things in life and I don't worry about the future so much anymore. On the other hand you could say that "Of course it is easy for you to feel relaxed when you are having a gap year and you don't need to worry about anything!", but on the other hand when I think about my life before I came here I used to stress for everything ( EVERYTHING!) and that's so baaad!

I really appreciate the things they have here and the people are so nice as well. Even today when I had a problem with my key and I couldn't open the outer door, a woman saw me from her balcony struggling with it and she came to open the door. To be honest I don't think they would do such thing in Finland...they would just let me struggle with it for the rest of the day :P Also I really like the fact that when you meet a new person they kiss you on the cheeks directly. At first when I came here I thought it was weird, but now I think it's a nice and warm gesture and not just a cold handshake. I could think of so many other nice customs, but I will just leave it here :)

Also salsa is one of the little things I enjoy doing here and today I am going for dancing ( again I know!) and I can't wait for it! People ask me what is so fun about it...well if you don't like dancing salsa then there is nothing fun for you there, but for me it's the perfect way to have a fun night and get to know new people!

My sister was complaining why I put that horrible picture the last here is a better picture of us...sisters, always complaining! :P

¡Hasta luego chicos!
¡Ahora tengo que hacer mis deberes...que aburrido!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sister time day two

¡Hola chicos!

These past few days have been really fun and now after all the walking we have been doing with my sister I can´t feel my legs anymore! Also we went for salsa two nights in a row and that seriously destroyed my body...but at least it was entertaining and we met some really nice people! Jasmiini got so excited for salsa that she wants to take lessons with her husband when she goes back...hehe I really want to know what her husband is going to think about that :D

Here are some pictures from yesterday! We went to Montjuic, Placa Espanya and Barceloneta...we were lucky that the weather was nice :)

 Bubbles :D
 On our way we went to Fundacio Joan Miro. It was okay...but I am not too crazy about Miro so for me it wasn't that special.
Wohoooo :D
Placa Espanya ( I am still not sure how it's written... )
Looking good :D
Today was our last day together and tomorrow Jasmini is leaving back to the cold land named Finland...can't say that I am jealous! ;)
Hope you enjoy reading my blog and more news to come soon!
¡Buenas noches!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sister time day one!

Hello there!

These past few days have been very busy and especially now that my sister is here we have to take advantage of every single minute she is here! Even though sleeping wasn't what I meant, but I guess she needs to rest and I have time to write about our first day here together :)

Our day started with a tour to Parc Guell. No matter how many times I go there it is as beautiful as always...never going to get sick of it I guess :D

  Thank God that there was an escalator so that lazy people like us could just relax and enjoy the view! :D
 It was sunny!
Pretty! :)
 sexy ladyyyy ( she is going to hate me when she sees what I am writing :P )
And the two sisters together :) everybody thinks I am older than her...just to make it clear I am not! ;)
 Finally I got a picture with the lizard :D
 Acting always!
 And later...we went to Sagrada Familia :D Ulalaaaa
And now after a good rest we will go to Las Ramblas and then salsaaaa! :D
Have a nice evening and enjoy life! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome to my neighbourhood


I thought I would finally write a post about my new apartment! I just love the area where I live now and the lady who rents me the place is such a nice person!

 The view from my balcony at night...I am sorry for the bad quality of the picture :/
 One of the many hotels around the area!
 Yey! I have an elevator :D
Drinking coffee with my friend in my new living room :)
I really like my neighbourhood and my Spanish flatmate is very nice. It's good that she doesn't speak any english so I can practise my spanish :D
¡Que tengas un buen día!