Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sister time day two

¡Hola chicos!

These past few days have been really fun and now after all the walking we have been doing with my sister I can´t feel my legs anymore! Also we went for salsa two nights in a row and that seriously destroyed my body...but at least it was entertaining and we met some really nice people! Jasmiini got so excited for salsa that she wants to take lessons with her husband when she goes back...hehe I really want to know what her husband is going to think about that :D

Here are some pictures from yesterday! We went to Montjuic, Placa Espanya and Barceloneta...we were lucky that the weather was nice :)

 Bubbles :D
 On our way we went to Fundacio Joan Miro. It was okay...but I am not too crazy about Miro so for me it wasn't that special.
Wohoooo :D
Placa Espanya ( I am still not sure how it's written... )
Looking good :D
Today was our last day together and tomorrow Jasmini is leaving back to the cold land named Finland...can't say that I am jealous! ;)
Hope you enjoy reading my blog and more news to come soon!
¡Buenas noches!


  1. Just curious: what are you always carrying with you in that huge grey sack? Happy for you having great time with your sister!

    1. Hahaha...good question! Many people have been asking me that ;) Well first of all my camera is quite big, I usually have an umbrela with me because you never know how fast the weather changes here, my wallet, sunglasses and my keys. It looks heavier than it actually is :)