Monday, October 29, 2012

Todo está bien

¡Hola chicos!

Things are good now! I called the emergency number of the school and they got me a room here at the same building I used to live. I am so relieved and everything feels so much better now! Instead of feeling bad about what happened I just want to relax and enjoy my time here. I got some cafe con leche and then I went for salsaaaaa ulalaaaa! I need to take some lessons because there was this one time I danced with a guy who danced so well and I made a total fool of myself :D Vicky was laughing so it must have looked quite amuzing haha

Today I said goodbye to my last flatmates and hello to my new ones! I am lucky to have good flatmates wherever I go :D I am going to miss Vicky, Madina and Manuel, but they are only two floors away so that's not too bad :)

Me and my chicaaas!

That was it for today! Quite an adventure I must say hehe. As my dear friend Hanna from Finland always says...things tend to work out eventually and she is right! Now we forget what happened and we move on :)
¡Muchos besitos!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A nightmare


Long time no see! Well to be honest many things have happened since the last time I wrote something. Everything was fine until yesterday when I had to move the my new apartment. Well...aparently the guy who was supposed to rent me the place has dissapeared with the money and now I don't have a place to stay. When I got there the other guys who were living at the same apartment were trying to calm me down and say that everything is going to be okay...well after that kind of thing it's a bit hard to stay calm. I am really glad that Gary was there to help me with everything, it would have been even worse if he wasn't there. Tomorrow we will try to figure this out and talk to the police and see what happens, probably I won't get my money back, but right now the only thing that I want is to stay in a place where I feel is just money after all! I feel so stupid after what has happened, even though we had a contract and everything, you have to be extra carefull with these things!
Eventually everything is going to be alright and this is just a small part of my trip here and I don't want it to ruin everything. It's sad...but life is full of surprises hehe!

I will write more when I am settled!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Más comida española...pinchos!

¡Hola amigos!

This is my fourth week here and the longer I stay here the wider I get, but it's okay...for the first time after a looong time I am happy! This trip here has made me so happy or better said estoy feliz! I am more positive than I used to be and more energetic...well that's probably because of the food hehe. I wish I had taken my work out clothes (? is that the right word? ) with a way I miss running and being more active, but I just want to enjoy my time here and not think too much about the consequences of my eating habbits. I am like the woman in Eat, Pray, Love, but I am just Eat, Eat, that so wrong?? hehe ;)

Please don't hate me for putting so many pictures of buildings...I just can't get enough of the beautiful architecture!

edificio numero uno

 edificio numero dos
 edificio numero tres...wait there is more :D
 frozen yogurt anyone? ;)
 edificio numero cuatro
 It's the end of October and we still have 22 degrees outside (daytime maybe more)! Me likes! :D
 Okay...I am not going to count how many pictures of buildings I have...quite a lot as you can see! :/
 Baila baila...
 I found this as we were walking with Nathalie and my new faltmate Vicky. Looks cute, me gusta!
 Jamón! I am sure my father would love it...too bad it's too big to carry in a suitcase :P
 Today was my second time to try some pinchos. These ones were really good especially the one with the tortilla...mmmmm! Even though pinchos are not so catalan because they come from País Vasco, I still don't quite know what's the difference between tapas and pinchos...I think pinchos have always bread and tapas don't? hm...I need to ask my teacher tomorrow.
 It was funny how the pinchos restaurant we went was selfservice and in the end they just counted how many sticks we had on the plate and from that they could count the check. Each pincho costs about 2 euros so that's not too bad ;)
 Me and Nathalie :) Nathalie es una chica muy muy maja ;)
Vicky is my new flatmate! She is very nice and she is from Germany as well :) Me voy a matar dos pájaros de un tiro! I am going to learn Spanish and German at the same time :D
I have always so many things in mind that I want to write about, but when I actually start writing I forget half of the things that I want to say...pfff -_-
Today was a football game, so basically the city was going crazy and it was full of Irish people screaming and singing on the roads. I don't want to sound cruel or anything, but there was this one guy from Ireland who tried to talk to me, but I just couldn't understand anything and I am sure he was talking to me in english! Probably the most horrible accent I have ever heard in my entire life...
These were the greatest news from Barcelona! Stay tuned haha :)
¡Hasta luego!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

El finde

¡Hola chicos!

This weekend I had some serious shopping! I have been six months shopping free ( if we don't count the shoes that I bought in Helsinki ), but otherwise that's a huge thing for me believe it or not! I have been saving all my money, but the other day I thought...what the hell, life is too short! It actually felt pretty good to get something new, now I know what they mean by shopping therapy :D

Also I couldn't resist buying some sweets here. I don't think my friends and family are going to recognize me when I go back home, but food is way too good and I want to try everything!
 There are many musicians playing on the road, but I have no idea how they got the piano there...quite challenging I must say!
 For the first time I tried macaroons...mmmm me likes! :D
 I really love the area around the cathedral! Today they had an event and it was full of these small tents where they had wine tasting and traditional spanish food...uuuuu!
 Giovanni ice cream...not very spanish, but who cares! It was the best ice cream I have ever had :D 
 I always forget how you call these birds in english -_- I guess that's their meeting point or something hehe
Yesterday I went to watch one of the greatest shows so was called El despertar de casa Batllo and they were celebrating 10 years of cultural visits. It showed how Gaudi was inspired to built casa here is a video that I found on youtube! I took one too but I had a stupid tree in front of me, but this one is a bit better so you can get an idea of how it was like!
I guess that was it for tonight! Life is going very well here...especially now that I am not sick anymore (wohooo!) :)
¡Hasta luego!

Friday, October 19, 2012



I am finally feeling a lot better now after one week of being sick (yey!), so to celebrate it I went to visit a museum...ahaaa! I know, probably most people would go out to party or something, but I thought that it would be a good idea to take it easy (plus it was raining today, so I didn't feel like spending too much time outside).

Anyway...let's go back to my visit to the museum! I guess you could say it was quite interesting...not my favourite so far, but it wasn't bad either. The name was MNAC and don't ask me where it comes from because I have no idea. The place where it was though was very nice! If you don't want to visit the museum at least you have to visit the area around at the Parc de Montjuic. You could see the whole city of Barcelona which was nice...if it hadn't been that foggy it would have been even nicer -_-

So enough of my big speach are some pictures from today. Enjoy! :)

I know that I still haven't been to Sagrada Familia and I must say that I feel a bit embarrassed, but I want to keep the good stuff for the end of my trip here. At least you can get a blur look of it at the picture :P I promise to put more pictures when I actually visit it and I keep my promises so don't worry! ;)

Also I have to mention that today I got my hair cut. I really don't like going to the hairdresser and I would be too embarrassed to even say when was the last time I went to one...probably 2011, okay there you go I said it! That was an interesting experience I must say...going to a spanish hair salon. I got this guy to cut my hair...he was so gayyyy, but he did a really good job. Me likey!

I always say that I need to do a drastic change with my hair, like go blonde or something, but in the end I just end up having the same hair...I am boring, I know!

 So those were the greatest news of the day! Four more museums to go...uuuuu!
Have a great weekend! Greetings from rainy Barcelona!
¡Muchos besos!