Friday, October 12, 2012

Parc Guell


After dancing salsa two days in a row I decided to take it easy today and finally got to visit Park Guell. It was sooooo full though that it was impossible to walk through the crowd, but I think I am going to visit it again in the middle of the week or something when there aren't that many people. I want to get a better look at it the next time!

We started our journey with a hot cup of coffee from starbucks...a bit ironic as we are in Spain, but I had to try it :P
 The spanish people took over the place and I couldn't take a picture with the lizard :(
 I want a ceiling like this in my apartment :D
 Everybody wanted to take a picture of that cat...including me hehe
 I think I'm going to grab something to eat now...have a great evening! :)

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