Sunday, October 7, 2012

Plaza España y La Pedrera


Last night me and Nadja went to Plaza España and we walked up to the mall nearby to have a better look at the place. If I wasn't so afraid of high places I would have enjoyed the view least I am trying to get over my fear by going up there!
 You can see the fear on my face...gosh it was so high!

Also today we went to the famous bus tour and if you are ever concidering on trying it, I recommend you don't. It was quite expensive (about 25 euros ) and we had to wait so long to get a bus for the next stop. On the other hand it was good to see the city, but the buses were so full and you couldn't find a seat upstairs. Anyway...we didn't get to visit Sagrada Familia or Park Guel today, just got a quick glance of Sagrada Familia. At least we got to see La Pedrera which was amazing!

Here are some failed pictures from the bus
 La casa Batlló
La Pedrera
 The terrace
 One of the chimneys made of broken pieces of champagne bottles if I remember correctly! Now you know what to do with your broken bottles :D
 There were so many little details! I just loved the shape of everything and how beautiful it all looked together! Gaudi was a genius...I totally recommend you go to La Pedrera! It was worth every penny ;)
Now I have five more museums left on my card ulalaaa! :D


  1. ihanii kuvii! :)näyttää kaupunki olevan täynnä kokemisen arvosia asioita!!

    1. Kiitos! On kyl aivan ihana paikka :D

  2. noi rakennukset on kyll upeilta! tuun joka kerta vähän kateelliseks kun luen näit sun kirjotuksia ;) ja lämminki siel näyttää viel olevan...:)
    - iida

    1. Joo tää on kyl näkemisen arvonen paikka! Mut jos pääsen tänne opiskelemaan voit tulla käymään ;)

  3. I'm soo happy for you! As I have followed your blog, at some point you were afraid that the reality can never fulfill your expectations. When you have been planning something for so long, you are afraid that perhaps it isn't going to be worth all that waiting and sacrifices. But now it seems that it's even better than what you were imagining!

    1. Thank you so much! I really had some difficulties before coming here and the worst thing was that I didn't know what it was going to be like. I didn't want to get disappointed because I was planning my trip for one year and that was what scared me the most. I am glad that things are good now and I am so happy to finally be here :D