Monday, October 29, 2012

Todo está bien

¡Hola chicos!

Things are good now! I called the emergency number of the school and they got me a room here at the same building I used to live. I am so relieved and everything feels so much better now! Instead of feeling bad about what happened I just want to relax and enjoy my time here. I got some cafe con leche and then I went for salsaaaaa ulalaaaa! I need to take some lessons because there was this one time I danced with a guy who danced so well and I made a total fool of myself :D Vicky was laughing so it must have looked quite amuzing haha

Today I said goodbye to my last flatmates and hello to my new ones! I am lucky to have good flatmates wherever I go :D I am going to miss Vicky, Madina and Manuel, but they are only two floors away so that's not too bad :)

Me and my chicaaas!

That was it for today! Quite an adventure I must say hehe. As my dear friend Hanna from Finland always says...things tend to work out eventually and she is right! Now we forget what happened and we move on :)
¡Muchos besitos!


  1. Luckily you have lost only money with your adventure!
    Since you are not living for a long time in Barcelona, it may be a good idea to pay a bit more and to feel safe and comfortable.

    Not that you shouldn't feel safe if you stayed for longer, but it's really hard to find anywhere a place for a short time for a reasonable price.

    1. There are so many things I would have done differently, but this happened for a reason and it was a good lesson for me! Now I can either complain about it all the time or learn something from it and move on :) I'm actually quite relieved that I don't need to stay there and the money is the least at the moment...well next time I do a trip it's better to pay a bit more and stay at a safe place!:)