Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Balcony Update

Hello there!

How exciting to be back on the blog! I have been living a busy and fun life which is why you haven't seen too much of me here, but that's only a good thing, at least for me! :) 

Probably many of you are wondering: Another home update?? Well, to answer your question...yes, this is another home update and it's not going to be the last one! This time we did some changes on our balcony which needed something extra now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter in Greece. This was a simple project that took about 2-3 hours to finish, but it really made a big difference! Unfortunately, the balcony is quite narrow so there weren't many things we could really do, but I think it looks better than before at least :)

So here are some before pictures!

 Some pictures of the process...
 Weird arm...
 We added another wood surface on top of the two tables to make it a bit longer and also more practical. It is removable so when it rains in winter I will take it inside so that the wood doesn't get damaged. 
 We also planted some herbs and the little Jamie Oliver in me is very happy now that I can cook with fresh herbs!
We got some mint as well for our mojito nights! 
 I love flowers so much! They add so much color and look so pretty :) I took these pictures a while back so some of these flowers are long gone, but lesson learned...don't water your plants too much! In Greece we say that when you love someone you drown them with your love...I guess I did that to my flowers, like literally! Oops :/
I still need to add something on that glass wall that shows my neighbors mop...any ideas?
 We like having lunch on the balcony at daytime, but what I love the most about the balcony is sitting outside at night! I got these lights from IKEA and they give such a fancy look at night! What else do you need really? Mojito nights have really become a thing lately! 

That's all for now folks! 
Enjoy your summer and maybe I will post something soon again or maybe not! 
Until then grazie e arrivederci!