Friday, February 24, 2012

I can do this!


I am not sick anymore, YEY! I always get this horrible cough, but I am glad it is over and now I can sing again! Gosh...I missed singing! :D

Life has been a bit different lately, because I don't go to school anymore. I have to get used to my new routine which is...go to the gym at eight thirty, then go to the library at ten o'clock and stay there for the rest of the day, and then come back home all tired and exhausted. This is going to be my routine for one month and then I will have time to relax and do whatever I want! I just wish I had the patience to wait that long....-_-

Anyways, I keep saying to myself, it is all going to be over SOON! Patience, patience, patience! At least, now I know what I would like to study in the future. I want to be a photographer tadaaa!! :D At first, I wasn't sure about it, because I thought that I am not good enough. Well, it is obvious that I am not an expert yet, but I know that I can be a good photographer if I want to. It is something that I enjoy and I would love to learn new things. Besides, I could at least try and see what happens. There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

Another thing that must have been stopping me is other people's opinions, especially my parents'. Maybe I have been thinking too much what my older siblings do and studying photography doesn't sound that "fancy" let's say. It sounds so stupid now that I think about it! I mean there is no point studying something that you hate, just because your family wants you to be an architect, for example. I am glad that my parents don't show that much what they think about my plans...even though I know that my dad wants me to get married quickly and have a family, but that's not what I am planning to do, at least not yet! I am only 18, let's not forget that! :p

Everything used to be so much easier as a child, now I have to make my own decisions...oh crap! It's a bit scary. Moving to Finland was a piece of cake compared to all this. I don't even know where I want to study...well, actually I have an idea, but I am not sure if it's too early to say anything. Oh well...what the heck, I will just spit it out. I have been thinking about two countries either Spain or Italy. Both of them sound really nice, but there is no need to hurry for anything at this point.

I tend to change my mind a lot, but I don't think I will change my mind about this. Maybe photography is what I am meant to do, who knows! We will see :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love alcohol...NOT!


I feel bad that I haven't written anything! I feel so sick today that studying for my exams doesn't sound very good to me at this point. Last week I was a bit busy, because I was studying and preparing my costume for penkkarit!

Penkkarit is a celebration for our last day of school where all senior students (or abit in finnish ) dress up in different costumes. We also get a ride on a truck and go to different schools to throw candy to the younger kids. It was a lot of fun but I have to admit that I was't wearing enough clothes and that's how I got sick. Being on that truck while the temperature was below zero, was an unforgetable experience!:P

Later after the truck ride was over, we had the day free and in the evening we went to a bar...oh yes! That was the first time I went to a finnish bar or club, so I was a bit scared of what was about to come. It was a lot how I expected it to be, but I am still a bit shocked! People were drinking way too much and I can't say that I didn't drink at all, but I knew when I had to stop.

On the other hand I had a great time, but I was trying not to pay attention on what other people were doing around me. Almost everybody was drunk or a bit tipsy. There were broken glasses everywhere and the smell of vomit in the bathrooms was horrible. Greek parties are nothing like that. Maybe if you go to a club in Mykonos things get out of control, but in general greek people know how to have fun without the alcohol.

At least now I know how finnish people party and I also know that I don't want to act the same way. I just feel sorry that people can't control themselves when it comes to alcohol.

I don't know if you agree or disagree with me, but please let me know what your opinion is. I would be glad to know what other people think about this.

Have a great Saturday night! :)


                      I was a hippie! :D Peace!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get a job.... Check! :)


I almost forgot that I have a blog hehe. Anyways, I have good news to share with you! I got a job today and I am super duper excited! This is my first REAL job and I hope that I don't mess up! :P I was so excited that I called everybody to let them know that I am officially employed! Hihihihi! Can't stop smiling! :)

So everything seems to be going well for now! Maybe some people think I am weird that I get so excited about something like this, but I really want to earn my own money. I am still really thankfull that my parents support me in every way ( including financial help), but things are changing and I need to grow up and learn how to support myself.

Lately I have been thinking how young people in Finland take so many things for granted! In Greece people who are my age or older, can't even consider of moving to another place without having their parents to support them financially. When people here say that it's difficult to get a job, it pisses me off because that is not true! The thing is that people have way too many expectations about what kind of job they are looking for, whereas in Greece you are lucky if you get a job, even if  it doesn't pay that well.

People just like to complain about everything sometimes. For example in Finland we get to have one warm meal at school for free and still there are many students who don't eat there because the food isn't good enough! Are you kidding me?? Okay, I can't say it is the best quality ever, but I don't care. In Greece we didn't even have proper heating in our school and students here complain about the food? That is ridiculous!

Also when students here get every month four-hundred euros to pay the rent and food, you still hear people complaining about how that amount of money isn't enough! Of course it isn't enough you idiot if you spend it on alcohol and other stupid stuff. Sometimes I wonder if people think before they say these things.

I wish I could make people understand how lucky they are to have all these things the government offers. It's a pity that no matter how well things are around you, there is always something to complain about. Maybe it is us who should learn to be satisfied with the things we have!