Sunday, March 29, 2015

Girly time

Hallo! My boyfriend started complaining that I don't write as often as I used to so here we go! It's been a busy month for me and going back home for a week in February was the break I needed. I have also some news to share since I won't be staying for very long in Amsterdam. I have actually 12 days left here and after this I am going back to Greece for a couple of months to study for my entrance exam to University (yes, I finally made up my mind!). So hopefully I will be able to focus on my studying more than I do here. It's been an interesting 8 months in Amsterdam but now it's time to move on with life and do something else! 

But since I am still in Amsterdam I am going to share some pictures of when my friends Katerina and Nadja came to see me for a couple of days! Credits to Katerina for the nice pictures! :) It was a fun time with lot's of exploring, sushi, birthday cocktails, chocolate and food in general! 

So classy!
Birthday cocktail for Katerina!

In three days my sister and her baby son are coming to Amsterdam and I am super excited to see them! 
 Hopefully it doesn't rain all week, fingers crossed!

Have a nice Sunday even though the Sun is missing today! :)