Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Home: Bedroom

Hello people! Here comes the last room of the house, the bedroom! Even though there are still things to do in this room, I thought to give you a peak of what it looks like at the moment. One of the things I want to add is some artwork on the walls and maybe change lazaros's office because it is about to fall apart. 

I must say that this is my favorite room in the house and I just love the big windows! My first plan was to paint it a really dark blue like in this picture, but then we went for something lighter and it looks really good too (at least in my opinion). Hope you like it! :)
 Look! We even have a sea view and some mountains! haha
One of the reasons I wanted to paint two of the walls dark blue was to make the furniture pop out!
 Lazaros's pirate flag that flutters when the radiator is on. He is really proud of his flag!
That's all for now! Thank you for being so patient with my home tour and I hope you have liked all the crazy colors and new changes we have made! 


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New home: Kitchen

Happy New Year everybody! I know this post comes a bit late, but I was too busy getting fat during the Christmas I tend to do every year during Christmas. My New Year's resolution is always about me getting fit, but I am never going to have a six pack so why torture myself? 

Either way, I am over explaining myself again so let's get back to business! This is the fourth part of our home tour with our kitchen, yey! To be honest when I first saw the kitchen I wasn't a big fan, but since we put the shelves in, it became more cozy and practical. If I could change one thing in the kitchen, it would be the color of the wooden cabinet (white would be more my thing) and the tiles on the wall...I guess that's two things I would change then! Enough of my mumbling though, I will let the pictures speak for themselves, enjoy! :) 

 Lazaros loves collecting spices! We will probably need to add more shelves at some point!
My mom made these shelves for us and I must say that they are super practical! Thank you mama!

That's all for now! I hope you like our "new" kitchen and see you next time!