Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello, hello! It's me again and I'm still very alive, even though I have kind of disappeared from the blog! Studying and drawing were keeping me busy and now that I have a job it's been even more busy! Gladly I had the opportunity to stay in Greece till the end of May and get some professional help on my drawing!Thanks to my teacher's advice I believe that I have improved a lot the last month and I hope that I am going to rock on the entrance exams in September! Wuapaaa! Now I am in Finland working and studying and continuing this drawing stuff by myself which isn't as easy as I thought it would be...but I am not giving up! I am so happy that I have found something that I enjoy doing and either I am going to become an architect or not, I still see this as a good extra skill to have! To be honest I didn't even think that I could draw this kind of stuff so personally I am happy with the result no matter what other people think!

BUT enough of the talking and let the pictures speak for themselves! I took the pictures before I left for the airport so I didn't have much time to make them look perfect. (note my fantastic editing skills heh) 

Of course there is always space for improvement, but so far so good! 
To end this post here is a weird video I found of myself in my camera today. You know the feeling when you find something that you have made or done and you think ''what the hell was I thinking?'' (or is it just me?), well I had one of those moments after watching this. 
I am sure you will appreciate it very much :P

Have a nice evening!