Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get a job.... Check! :)


I almost forgot that I have a blog hehe. Anyways, I have good news to share with you! I got a job today and I am super duper excited! This is my first REAL job and I hope that I don't mess up! :P I was so excited that I called everybody to let them know that I am officially employed! Hihihihi! Can't stop smiling! :)

So everything seems to be going well for now! Maybe some people think I am weird that I get so excited about something like this, but I really want to earn my own money. I am still really thankfull that my parents support me in every way ( including financial help), but things are changing and I need to grow up and learn how to support myself.

Lately I have been thinking how young people in Finland take so many things for granted! In Greece people who are my age or older, can't even consider of moving to another place without having their parents to support them financially. When people here say that it's difficult to get a job, it pisses me off because that is not true! The thing is that people have way too many expectations about what kind of job they are looking for, whereas in Greece you are lucky if you get a job, even if  it doesn't pay that well.

People just like to complain about everything sometimes. For example in Finland we get to have one warm meal at school for free and still there are many students who don't eat there because the food isn't good enough! Are you kidding me?? Okay, I can't say it is the best quality ever, but I don't care. In Greece we didn't even have proper heating in our school and students here complain about the food? That is ridiculous!

Also when students here get every month four-hundred euros to pay the rent and food, you still hear people complaining about how that amount of money isn't enough! Of course it isn't enough you idiot if you spend it on alcohol and other stupid stuff. Sometimes I wonder if people think before they say these things.

I wish I could make people understand how lucky they are to have all these things the government offers. It's a pity that no matter how well things are around you, there is always something to complain about. Maybe it is us who should learn to be satisfied with the things we have!



  1. Paljon onnea työpaikan johdosta! :)
    Tosipuhetta koko juttu, täällä valitetaan liikaa, vaikka asiat on hyvin, ja siihen alkoholiin tuhlataan liikaa rahaa.
    Anteeksi, kun kommentoin suomeksi, mutten osaa englantiakaan.

    1. Kiitos kommentistasi ja ei haittaa yhtään että vastasit suomeksi!:)

  2. That's right!Things in Greece are exactly as you describe above.Plus that children in Greece collapsing at school due to lack of food now.Guys, grab your opportunities to live as you wish!

  3. Most people are not satisfied with all they have until things becoming worst, unfortunately...