Monday, January 30, 2012

More open-minded!


Some of my friends have been asking what karpalo means. Well, it is a little red berry that tastes awful (for more information go to google!). Some people used to call me karpalo, because my real name is Karoliina. Maybe they were trying to say something by calling me that way. I might look small and cute, but I can be a bit bitter and mean sometimes! Buahaha... :P

Actually, I am not as horrible as I used to be. Every time we start talking about my childhood, I always get to hear all the little details about how horrible I was.You see, I was nothing like my sister who was calm and an easy kid in general. I used to scream, blame my older siblings and do other cute things! :) Maybe that is the reason why my parents didn't want more kids after they had me! :P Nah...I don't think that's true, but I am thankfull that my parents still love me, even though I made their life a bit difficult when I was younger.

I have changed in many ways since then. I was talking about it with one of my friends today and she has noticed it aswell. If we don't count the changes in my personality, I will give you some examples of the little changes in everyday life. The first one is that I go to the gym. If somebody had told me two years ago that I would be going to the gym five times a week I would say  "Yeah right! I would never do that!". I have always been the lazy one in my family. We had a bet with my brother in August that I would start going by bike everywhere for at least a month and that's what I did! Not only for one month but for two months! I used to bike at least 12 km every day. He still owes me those thirty euros he promised to give me!;)

Also, nowdays I love reading books which I used to hate when I was a kid! I always thought books were boring, but I never bothered to open one. Actually, my mom used to give me all that Finnish literature that was so boring (sorry mom D: ). So I thought that all books are like that. When I moved to Finland I started going to the library and suddenly I found books that I liked ( I just stayed away from the Finnish literature department!). That's how I started reading novels in english. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors, because the language she uses is so simple to understand. I read all her books in a short period which is huge for me, because reading 500 pages in english, isn't that easy. So you can call me a book freak now!

I have never been a very open-minded person and I regret being so negative about some things. Now that I have been trying new things I have seen some small changes in my personality aswell, which is strange. I am more organized and satisfied in my life.

So my last word for today is try new things! Be more open-minded! :)


              We have had some snow in Finland! Yey! :)


  1. There are always ways to get better in your life.Actually you never stop struggling to fight being a better person.!

  2. Some people want to show, or believe they are, horrible, but actually they use this face as a defence mechanism, because they don't want to show how sensitive they are...