Friday, January 13, 2012


¡Hola a todos!
 (I am showing off my excellent Spanish skills hehe...:P)

I don't have enough time to write every day, but I have decided to write at least once or twice a week! That way I will have more things to write about each time! Yey!:D

This week has gone sooooo slowly...I don't understand why, but it seems like I have been in Finland for over a month and not for one week. Now that I am here I enjoy being with my friends and stuff, but I have to admit that the cold weather isn't my thing! I also fell almost three times today, because of the ice on the streets! A bit embarrassing... :P

This last week I have been just studying and going to school pretty much...boring! The only thing that gives me comfort is that in March all this is going to be over and I will hopefully graduate high school!! Wohoooo! :D:D

I am glad I have my friends to make this time of the year more fun and I am so gratefull for having them in my life! For a long time I had difficulties finding good friends. I always felt that I wasn't good enough which isn't true of course! :P I just wasn't hanging out with the right people at the time. After feeling so lonely and depressed the last year, it feels like now that I have gotten over that phase I am so thankfull for being surrounded by people who really care about me.

My friends mean a lot to me and I love them just the way they are!  I hope you remember to appreciate your friends, because most people take them for granted these days!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)


  1. I had this "friend stuff" problem some years ago.I was thinking that I was stupid,ugly...bla,bla,bla,that's why I didn't have real friends!BUT when I went to the university I met many people with the same opinions and tastes in many things.That was the beginning of an interesting period in my life.I would like to mention that the friends I met in my adult life are still my friend even the distance which separate us.I think you will understand who deserves to be your friend!

  2. Thank you EL for your comment and I agree with what you are saying! Real friends are there for you no matter how far away they live :)