Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new beginning!

Hello everybody!

These last years have been crazy and I have to admit that 2011 was one of the most interesting years I have ever lived. I went through difficult times and I thank my family and friends for being there for me.

This year I promised to myself I would try to make things better in life. I am the kind of person who gets stressed very easily and that has affected my life in a negative way. So 2012 is going to be a new beginning for a healthier, happier and less stressfull life.

It is my first time writing a blog and I have to admit that I have no idea how this thing works. I hope I will learn to use it soon! :):)


  1. Dear Carolina I am sure that you can find how this thing works!I am also sure that we will be by your side to help you overcome yous bad days!!Keep writing!

  2. Dear Carolina I found your blog by chance but i wish that you have a very nice 2012...

    P.S.Keep Writing and expressing your self and feelings...It will help you with the stress thing...:)

  3. Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it! I didn't think that somebody would bother to even read it! More to come soon! hihi

  4. I'm sure that many people want to read your blog, at least I want to know all about your interesting life :) Looking forward to the next post!