Friday, November 2, 2012

Forget => move on

Hola chicos!

I had a short break from blogging mainly because I didn't have time to take pictures or do anything that fascinating. I went back to searching a new place to stay and my whole week has been so stressful after what happened with the other apartment. I thank God that from the school they found me a room to stay for this week but on Sunday there are coming new students and it's fully booked so this week I had to keep looking for a new place to stay. Now I found a new apartment and this time hopefully everything will go better than the last time!

I don't know what I learned from this experience...not to trust people? I don't think that's the right way to see things, I should have been more careful, but no matter how careful you are sometimes bad things can happen and this time it just happened to be me.

On the other hand when we think how many bad things happen in this world this is tiny compared to that! I don't want this to ruin my time here and now that the aparment problem is solved it's time to move on and enjoy this one month that I have left here wohoooo :)

There are still nice people out there and I am so thankfull to everybody for their help and support. I am lucky that all my flatmates have been very nice and we get along so well! I also have to say a HUGE thank you to Gary because he helped me find a new place to stay and came with me to all the apartments to check that everything is nice of him!

Ella ( my current flatmate) made us some cupcakes :) I just had to take a picture because it looks so cute!
These are the latest news from my life in Barcelona! Stay tuned because from now on I will be more frequent with my posts :)


  1. Thank God everything turned out fine!

    1. I really am greatfull that things turned out the way they did :)

  2. Naw, how cute of you to take a picture of that! We miss you here at Camino!! Hope the rest of your stay in Barca will be free of trouble and a blast. XX /Ella

    1. Thank you! I really hope so too :) Hope you have a great stay here as well and enjoy your last week here...time flies :/