Thursday, November 8, 2012


¡Hola chicos!

I have so many things to talk about today so be patient with me! Today was so much fun and I got to do so many things. How I love the feeling when I come back home and I have actually spent my day on doing something fun and not just sitting in front of the computer the whole day! As usual my day started with my Spanish lessons and a strong cup of cafe con leche! Yesterday I almost fell asleep in class and my teacher Hector told me to get a coffee because I couldn't keep my eyes open...yeah it was that bad! Today I was prepared and I didn't fall asleep wohoo :D

After class me, Sahri and Vicky visited a museum called CCCB which was quite good. I wouldn't have payed for it though if it wasn't included in the card, but it was fun to go there with good company and we had a least I had!

 Vicky and Sahri! Sahri is my classmate and she is from Austria! We are very lazy students though and we never do our homework...hups! :/
 That's one HUGE pig...or at least I think it's a pig...what else could it be? It's ugly anyways...
 Flor de Vici
 No comment...
 Sorry Sahri...I hate when random shadows appear from nowhere!
 My big audience :D
 That was a long escalator! You should have seen the whole thing was even longer!
 Sahri's neighbourhood ;)

 Random building...
 And later my second cafe con leche...or was it the third one? In Finland I never drank coffee and since I came here I have started all these bad habits...I have definitely learned how to order a coffee here " ¡Un cafe con leche para llevar por favor!". I won't even say anything about the caramel chocolate thingy which was really good!
After a good day I am happy to go to bed muy contenta! Three museums left and lot's of things to see :D Can't wait!
This chica is going to bed now! Buenas noches a todos! :)


  1. Having a blast in a museum -that sounds challenging!
    No salsa lately?

    1. If you have good company it can be a blast! :D I love salsa, but in the evenings i am so tired that I prefer to stay home...maybe in the weekend again! :D

  2. How about some pictures of your new neighbourhood and apartment? I would be interested to see, perhaps someone else would be as well :) By the way, leave one interesting museum to visit with your sister when she comes!


    1. I am preparing to publish a post about my new neighbourhood so don't worry mom! I am leaving the Joan Miro museum for Jasmini, because I think she would like it...I have heard it's a good one! :)