Saturday, November 10, 2012

Casa Batlló

¡Hola chicos!

I have wanted to visit Casa Batlló for a while now and today I finally had the courage to go there on my own. I normally hate going to places by myself, but now I wanted to take a really good look at it and I don't like when people have to wait for me. Even though I had a bit of bad luck while I was going to the museum because I spilled my coffee on the way and I had to go back home change my clothes...but at least I got some laundry done :D Anyway...let's go back to the museum!

Casa Batlló was designed by Antoni Gaudi and Josep Maria Jujol. It was property of the Batlló family which lived on the mainfloor of the house until the mid fifties. Casa Batlló is also known as Casa dels ossos (House of Bones) because of it's skeletal structure and it was built in 1877 (remodelled in 1904-1906). As most of Gaudi's works Casa Batlló was also inspired by different natural elemenents.

Don't hate me for putting so many pictures again. I found it so difficult to choose the best ones, because I took so many of them D:

The entrance...not bad ;)
mushroom-style :P
I wouldn't mind having a lunch room like this one :D
 Especially I liked the ceiling. When you turn the picture upside down it looks like a drop that falls into the water or a flower...
 the not so beautiful view from the terrace
The roof
more chimneys
 Passeig de Grácia
Me :D
 And that't how all the good things end...the last stairs and the tour was over :/
Even though it was a bit expensive ( 18 euros ) it was worth every penny! Probably one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen so far! Absolutely gorgeus and I was so amazed of how many details it had...stunning! I totally recommend you to visit it ;)
Maybe my weekend isn't going to be that full of music and salsa after all, because now I am so tired that I don't think I have the energy to go anywhere! :/
I guess the museum was enough for today :) Have a nice evening!


  1. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE to be SO creative?!!! And how on earth did the workers manage to realize his plans?

    1. That is what I was thinking!! It is absolutely amazing :D

  2. An interesting detail from Gaudi's graduation: When handing him his degree, Elies Rogent, director of Barcelona Architecture School, said: "We have given this academic title either to a fool or a genius. Time will show."

    1. I didn't know that! Interesting...he surely wasn't a fool! :D

  3. A nightmare of a minimalist, but I like!

  4. Very favorite place in Barcelona. I saw one time. Travel notes shared here (gezi).