Monday, November 5, 2012

Una semana muy loca!


What a week! So many things have happened and now I am just starting to act normal again. I have been so stressed with that aparment thingy, but now everything is good again. I wanted to write sooner but when I got to my new apartment the internet wasn't working...just my luck! Anyway now it's fixed and I am happyyyy :D

Ufff I have been so busy that I didn't realize that the month changed and I have my birthday in 20 days wohoo! It's going to be a big fiestaaa hehe

My life here is the same as always. School, salsa and muchas tapas. That's what I mostly do, dance and eat (a lot!). This is what a gap year is about! Enjoying life and eating crazy amounts of good food :D
 Pinchos once again! Now I know what's the difference between pinchos and tapas! If I understood right pinchos are the ones with the stick in the middle. So simple!
 Crema catalana for desert...nam!
Chicas preciosas! Women going crazy for ice cream,especially when it's chocolate flavor!
 Introducing my new dress! :D Me likes it!
Oh Vicky! I am going to miss this chica so sad that she is leaving on Friday. Why God, why?? 
Duckface :D
Nathalie as well is leaving on Wednesday...I don't like this -_-
 Now I am going to get some comfort food! Patatas bravas are calling! :D
¡Buenas noches!


  1. hyvä, että kaikki järjestyy :-) ja ihanaa ett nautit elämästä siellä ;) kuulostaa ihan unelmalta, tanssimist ja ruokaa ja mmmmmmm =) ja toi sininen mekko on tosi kiva, käy sulle hyvin!

    1. Kyllä asiat aina järjestyy, Hanna on oikeassa! :) Pitäis keksii jotain uutta tekemistä ettei lihoo ihan hirveest :D

  2. Fabulous dress! Really cute:) I hope you will make new friends soon after the girls have gone.

    1. Thank you! I like it too very much :) Let's hope I meet new people when they leave even though I am going to miss them very much!