Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sister time day one!

Hello there!

These past few days have been very busy and especially now that my sister is here we have to take advantage of every single minute she is here! Even though sleeping wasn't what I meant, but I guess she needs to rest and I have time to write about our first day here together :)

Our day started with a tour to Parc Guell. No matter how many times I go there it is as beautiful as always...never going to get sick of it I guess :D

  Thank God that there was an escalator so that lazy people like us could just relax and enjoy the view! :D
 It was sunny!
Pretty! :)
 sexy ladyyyy ( she is going to hate me when she sees what I am writing :P )
And the two sisters together :) everybody thinks I am older than her...just to make it clear I am not! ;)
 Finally I got a picture with the lizard :D
 Acting always!
 And later...we went to Sagrada Familia :D Ulalaaaa
And now after a good rest we will go to Las Ramblas and then salsaaaa! :D
Have a nice evening and enjoy life! :)


  1. Mä en koskaan aatellu et te oisitte yhtään samannnäköisiä, mutta tuossa siskokuvassa te näytätte ihan siskoksilta! :) Terv. Katri

    1. En minäkään, eikä kukaan muukaan usko että me ollaan siskoksia :D mut kaipa meissä jotain samaa on...ehkä :)