Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The little things

¡Hola guapos!

I have been living in Barcelona for about seven weeks now and I don't think I have explained yet why I love Spain so much! The truth is that my love for Spain started four years ago because of a Spanish tv show that was in Spanish (obviously!) and I liked how it sounded. One year later when I moved to Finland we had the oportunity to study Spanish at school so I took advantage of that and that's how my love for Spanish culture started!

Now that I live here it feels like I am falling in love with Barcelona each day more and more. It's about the small things you can do here. You can have a nice day without spending so much money. I can just go for a walk at the beach or take a coffee and read my book and I am happy! More simply I have learned to enjoy the little things in life and I don't worry about the future so much anymore. On the other hand you could say that "Of course it is easy for you to feel relaxed when you are having a gap year and you don't need to worry about anything!", but on the other hand when I think about my life before I came here I used to stress for everything ( EVERYTHING!) and that's so baaad!

I really appreciate the things they have here and the people are so nice as well. Even today when I had a problem with my key and I couldn't open the outer door, a woman saw me from her balcony struggling with it and she came to open the door. To be honest I don't think they would do such thing in Finland...they would just let me struggle with it for the rest of the day :P Also I really like the fact that when you meet a new person they kiss you on the cheeks directly. At first when I came here I thought it was weird, but now I think it's a nice and warm gesture and not just a cold handshake. I could think of so many other nice customs, but I will just leave it here :)

Also salsa is one of the little things I enjoy doing here and today I am going for dancing ( again I know!) and I can't wait for it! People ask me what is so fun about it...well if you don't like dancing salsa then there is nothing fun for you there, but for me it's the perfect way to have a fun night and get to know new people!

My sister was complaining why I put that horrible picture the last time...so here is a better picture of us...sisters, always complaining! :P

¡Hasta luego chicos!
¡Ahora tengo que hacer mis deberes...que aburrido!


  1. Let's hope you'll not have a problem opening your door in the middle of the night when nobody is on the balcony...

    I think you have realized an important thing of the life: if we don't know to enjoy the little things, we are most of the time unhappy, because there are very few big things in life to enjoy!

    1. Haha it has happened but in the end somehow it opens :D
      It took me a long time to enjoy the little things...pero poco a poco :)

  2. I thought that also in Greece people exchange kisses when they meet or am I mistaken? I know that in Scandinavian countries they don't.

    1. Yes we do kiss on the cheeks in Greece but it is mostly when you already know somebody, for example your friends, but not with a total stranger that you meet for the first time. It is a bit different.