Sunday, October 28, 2012

A nightmare


Long time no see! Well to be honest many things have happened since the last time I wrote something. Everything was fine until yesterday when I had to move the my new apartment. Well...aparently the guy who was supposed to rent me the place has dissapeared with the money and now I don't have a place to stay. When I got there the other guys who were living at the same apartment were trying to calm me down and say that everything is going to be okay...well after that kind of thing it's a bit hard to stay calm. I am really glad that Gary was there to help me with everything, it would have been even worse if he wasn't there. Tomorrow we will try to figure this out and talk to the police and see what happens, probably I won't get my money back, but right now the only thing that I want is to stay in a place where I feel is just money after all! I feel so stupid after what has happened, even though we had a contract and everything, you have to be extra carefull with these things!
Eventually everything is going to be alright and this is just a small part of my trip here and I don't want it to ruin everything. It's sad...but life is full of surprises hehe!

I will write more when I am settled!




  2. :O ai kauhee... onneks jaksat olla noin positiivinen <3 varmasti asiat järjestyy jotenkin, älä anna ton masentaa :) sitte ku oot vanha mummo, ja kerrot lapsenlapsille sun espanjan-ajasta, niin saat tosta hyvän jännitystarinan :) haleja!

    1. Joo totta :D Pitää vaan tästä jatkaa eteenpäin :) paljon haleja!