Saturday, October 6, 2012

A long walk


It was my first saturday here and we didn't have lessons today so me and Nadja went for a looooong walk around Barcelona to get to know the area a bit better. After six hours of just walking around you can imagine how tired I am...but it was a good walk! We got some churros and Tarta de Santiago which was really good and then we went for some shopping to the mall at the Rambla de mar. Good day!

It feels so nice to be here after so long that I have been planning this trip. This is better than I would have ever expected! I am so busy all the time and there are so many things to see that I am glad that I am staying here till December. Also my sister is going to visit me in November and I can't wait to show her around!

So here are some pictures from Barcelona and me in the same awkward position :P

Mirador de Colom
 Rambla de mar
 Tomorrow we are going to the bus tour like proper tourists, yey! I am looking forward to seeing Sagrada Familia and Park Guell!
No matter how hard I worked all those five months in Finland now it's about time to finally enjoy that money! :D



  1. Lets hope the sun is still shining in november, whes I' ll be there :)

    1. Let's hope so! October and November are the most "rainy" months here :/