Sunday, January 19, 2014

We all need cake and sun

Hello world! After having a flu for the last week my only comfort ended up being the sales. I am so proud of myself for not emptying the whole store. It turns out I have learned something during these years! Less is more ;)

I do have a thing for clothes, but I have a bigger passion for cakes (as most of you know already). I got an order from a family friend to bake a cake for her granddaughter's birthday and she specifically wanted ballet shoes on the cake. I am not an expert and the shoe part made me a bit nervous. I turned out having more difficulties with the batter and not having enough ingredients (which is a silly silly silly mistake). I ran to the store and made a second batter for the cake. In the end I put my best effort and a chocolate-raspberry cake was born! Phew...
cake under construction

Life these past few weeks has been rather boring I would say, but for some strange reason I enjoy having the opportunity to be in one spot. No worries though, I will be soon on the road again! I am planning to do a trip  somewhere in Europe and visit some friends, so we will see how that goes. For now I am still in Greece enjoying the sun that keeps hiding behind the clouds.


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