Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ft Pia & Tess

Kali Xronia, Onnellista uutta vuotta, Happy New Year!!
From Pia and Tess, the two Australians who followed Karoliina from Sevilla to her house. We have now hijacked her blog.
New Year's Eve was very different this year for us. In Australia, it's so hot that you melt slightly all day. At night, nobody even considers staying inside. It's all about the alcohol, and watching the Sydney Harbour Bridge countdown and fireworks on TV. We are used to crazy house parties, a terrible hangover on New Years Day and lots of kangaroos.
 This year, we baked feta cheese pies and knitted to calm our excitement. Much to our extreme joy, Karoliina baked an amazing carrot cake that we could only eat after midnight.
That saucy little minx.
We got all dolled up and ready for the guests to arrive, not realising that eating your own body weight in food is a New Year's Eve tradition here. For us, the night is all about drinking. Anneli cooked some amazing food, and her friends contributed to the dinner table.
Before we knew it, we had huge food babies and wine was going down like water. We took some shocking photos
 and danced shamelessly in the living room.

Suddenly, the new year was approaching. We all ran on to the balcony to watch some fireworks and say goodbye to the last seconds of 2013, the best year of our lives because we met Karoliina! When it turned midnight, a round of cheek kissing and kali xronias welcomed the new year. We all ran back downstairs for cake, and it was worth the wait. We were given the opportunity to go out clubbing in Volos, but why club when the three of us could dance to our own beats? We finished off the night by walking by the seaside, talking shit like we always do and Pia stumbling along. It was a very different New Year's Eve, but one of the best we've had. We can never thank Karoliina or her family enough for the kindness they've shown us in the past week, and we are so happy that we entered 2014 with them.
We love you sneaky monkey, from mamasita and chiquita xx

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