Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Domestic Goddess

IT'S NEW YEARS EVE! Any plans for tonight people? Hopefully the weather is going to be good tonight because me, Pia and Tess are planning to head out and conquer the streets of Volos! Unfortunately Montana left for Berlin yesterday, but new years in Berlin sounds fun!

Last week we went to a small village up on the mountain with the girls and for some strange reason I am always amazed of how high it actually is! Even though I hate high places the view is pretty great!
 Made some friends on the way...
 That's the view I was talking about ;)
 Tess and Pia
In case you were wondering the rest of the week we just spent our time drinking coffee! We found this cute little place in the city centre that has really good coffee. The owners of the coffee shop definitely know us really well now ;)
Also disney movies have been a big part of our daily routine as we have watched in a week The aristocats, Lady and the tramp, Fantasia 2000, Robin Hood and Princess and the frog. Disney movies will always be my favourite no matter how old I get!
 Coffee time number 1
 coffee time number 2
 coffee time number 3
Now that the girls have been under my influence they have turned into little domestic goddesses as they learned how to knit and make feta pies! Groovy ( as Pia would say)!
They are fast learners! So proud of them :)
Happy new year's eve everybody and remember:
“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

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