Tuesday, December 3, 2013

20 rocks!

The 25th of November for me was a great day! I was not really looking forward to my birthday because twenty doesn't end in teen anymore. Does this mean that I have to be all grown up and responsible now? In my case I don't know if that is ever going to happen, but there might be still hope...even for me.

We already started celebrating my birthday on the night of the 24th. It was a two day fiesta and I must say that I did enjoy my special day! Without my awesome friends Montana and Luke it wouldn't have been the same though! Thank you guys for being so awesome!

Me and Luke ready to partyyy!
Montana and Luke came with me to dance salsa! Basically I danced most of the time and they just watched...oopsy!  
The next morning (when my actual birthday was) I woke up with a big smile on my face and had the most unhealthy breakfast a human being can have. The magic word is nutella!
A Scottish guy from the hostel gave me a rose for my birthday hihiii :)
 Also Montana and Luke had wopen up early that morning looking for a bakery to buy me cup cakes! I was so happy to get cake on my birthday and my tummy was very thankful as well!

After all that cake (which was delicious by the way!) we went to have montaditos! It was 50 cent montaditos again so we all got as much food as possible...damn, I'm going to miss these Spanish offers! Montana has been so in love with montaditos that we call them now Montanaditos...yes, she is quite obsessed with them hehe.
The day just got better when me and Montana did some girly stuff and went shopping for like three hours. Shopping therapy does work! I bought the blingiest dress I could ever find and I was ready to take over the streets of Sevilla!
From the Cathedral we ended up in Alameda to have kebab because life without kebab would be a boring life, right?
 Everybody should get a picture with a random guy on their birthday. Thumbs up!
The girls looking good...the guy doing his own thing
Then shots kept coming...
...and people went a bit crazy!
Mission accomplished and birthday was a success! A big THANK YOU to everybody for making that day even more special! I'm lucky to have so many good friends :) I think I am getting used to my new age now, but I am still going to make the same question every year...

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