Friday, November 29, 2013

Here and there

Hola muchachos! These past few days have been busy, busy, busy, but I am back to continue my stories starting with the end of my trip in London.

11-12.11.2013: London

On my last days in London I just wanted to relax and take it easy as I had seen already the most "important" tourist attractions. Me and Eve ended up going to the British museum again to see the rest of the things I didn't get to see on the first time (me and my little obsession with museums!). I still didn't visit the Science museum, but I'm keeping that for my next visit ;)

Eve also had the idea of going to the theatre which was a very good choice! We booked the cheapest tickets we could get on the last row which was supposed to be with restricted view. We were expecting really bad seats, but they turned out to be pretty good and for the price we got them they were excellent! In case you want to watch a play in London The 39 Steps is something that I would definitely recommend :)

13-16.11.2013: Finland

It was time to say goodbye to London and head up north to my half homeland, Finland! After 6 hours of waiting at the airport, one crazy man making a big fuss for nothing and two hours of flight I made it to Tampere. Thanks to ryanair we were on time and I made it by 5 minutes to the train to my city. It was a tiring trip, but it was good to see my family again all together. The reason of my trip wasn't so happy though as I went there for my grandmother's funeral. To be honest though I thought it was a good funeral. My sister had prepared a slide show of old pictures throughout my grandmothers life and we got to share old memories we had of her. We sang her favorite songs and I am sure she would have been happy with what we had prepared for her. It still was a terrible day, but for me it was a good way to say goodbye to her.

17-18.11.2013: Barcelona

I didn't get to spend too much time in Finland as I had a flight back to Barcelona the day after the funeral. I got to spend two very rainy days in Barcelona before heading back to Sevilla again. Thankfully I met two nice people at the hostel I was staying so the time passed by really fast. It was also a good chance to visit some of the main attractions again and just walk around my favorite areas in Barcelona.

18.11.2013: Sevilla

Thanks to ryanair once again my flight back to Sevilla was late for like an hour, but other than that their cheap prices still make me want to fly with them (ugh!).  My return back to Sevilla wasn't what I quite expected. All my friends had left to other cities so I must say that I felt quite lonely on my first days here. Thankfully I met more new people and little by little that feeling of frustration went away. Besides, I got a book for one euro from the flee market the other day so now I can practise my Spanish...what else could I possibly need?!'s good to be back "home"! I missed the narrow streets of Sevilla <3
I have to go to the doctors today so wish me luck...I hope my Spanish is good enough to explain about my ear infection. Going to the doctor's here is a nightmare, maaaah!
Have good weekend everybody!

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