Thursday, November 21, 2013

London part 2

The adventure in London continues...


Jenna was tired of all the walking we had done the previous day (and I don't blame her) so I explored the city on my own the next day. I ended up going to Buckingham Palace and from there I walked to the National Gallery and from there I went to the Tate Britain....phew, lot's of walking once again!
 I was definitely on the right way for buckingham palace! Score!
I was a bit disappointed of how small it was after all. It wasn't as massive as I expected, meh.
I didn't get to see those men with the big hats after all because the guard change took place (according to that) at 11:30 from May-July...snif, snif
 At least the park across the buckingham palace was nice, so that was a plus!
This little guy was in a hurry...
 Once I was done with my little walk around the park, I walked to Trafalgar Square and visited the National Gallery for about 3 hours! Why does everything has to be so big in London??
 As if I had any intention of going in there...
Once again I found my way succesfully to the National Gallery without getting myself lost...score, score!
Museums in London just seemed to be endless! Just when I was about to say that "alright, now I have seen everything" some sneaky little room would appear from nowhere that I hadn't been to yet. I love art, but that was just too much!
The next day me and Jenna met with Andrew who is another guy we met in Barcelona. It was a rainy day so we decided to stay indoors as much as possible. The best way to spend our time was visit The British Museum which was once again MASSIVE!

 Mummies of cats...
...and small crocodiles. I am pretty sure they would mummify anything they could find! They even had mummies of fish :O
 some serious faces
At first I was wondering why everybody was so interested of seeing that stone, but then I saw that it was the Rosetta Stone so that explained everything.
 Then we bumped into something more familiar...
Ancient Greece!
In one visit we didn't get to see everything which is normal for such a big museum so we decided to get some cake!
 Red velvet for me <3
Andrew decided to go crazy and get a piece of rainbow cake...I tried it and it was pretty good believe it or not!
 The night ended succesfully with a musical! "We will rock you" was on that night and it was great!
Everybody was telling me that I should go to a musical while I was in London and it was definitely worth all the money I spent on it (trust me it wasn't cheap!)
The show was great and we all went home happy with the songs of Queen stuck in our heads hehe.
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
Because I'm easy come easy go
Mamaaaa just killed a man
Mamaaaaaa oooooooh!
So on and so on

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