Saturday, November 23, 2013

London part 3


On Saturday I changed my host and I went to stay with my other friend, Eve or better known with the Spanish name Manuela, that I also met in Barcelona last year. Apparently Spanish people couldn't pronunciate her name so they came up with a better name for her.

I decided to do nothing that day and just relax after all that walking I had been doing the previous days! Also that was the day I tried for the first time of my life fish & chips! It would have been a big insult if I hadn't tried that British speciality.
Eve bought me a big amount of bisquits to try out. Lucky me! :)


The next morning Eve made me a vegetarian English breakfast which surely kept me going the whole day!

 On a nice day like that it would have been a terrible mistake to stay inside so we headed out to the mysterious streets of London once again. Our fist stop was The Monument!
In case you were wondering we did actually go all the way up!
 Eve likes pink
 It wasn't scary at all...
 ...but we made it!
 The view was definitely worth it even though I am terrified of high places! I am sure everybody heard my screaming when we got to the top "OH F*CK IT'S SO HIGH!"...ooopsy!
 At least we got a certificate (that I have probably lost already) in the end to prove that we had gone all the way up!
 We walked for quite a while and ended up in China town!
 Thanks to that jacket I didn't lose Eve in those busy streets of London!
 That looks interesting...
 A good friend I made on the way ;)
 We kept walking and walking...
 That was a living hell for me...people everywhere! Where did all these people come from??
 I did find these quite awesome!
Our night ended succesfully with a cold glass of coke in an English pub! You may call us lame, but that was a delicious coke. Me and Eve know how to have fun without the alcohol! ;)

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