Saturday, November 2, 2013

Let's have a kebab

It's already November and I just realised that I have been in Seville exactly one month! Oh has been a crazy crazy month with happy and sad moments, but October has a special place in my heart. November though is going to be even crazier as I will be doing a lot of travelling, but I'm also going to celebrate my 20th birthday at the end of this month and I am already having an age oooold :(

Either way let's go back to Seville! I normally don't write about each day separately, but I think I will be a rebel today and try something different for a change!

Thursday 31 October ( Halloween):

Me and Riley were in charge of the halloween decorations for the hostel so the day before we went to buy what we needed. In the end Alicia and Riley did the decoration, so once again I was useless. We also went to buy ourselves costumes, but because we are poor people we just bought 1 euro headbands to make it look like we are at least trying to be something.
 On the way to buy the "costumes" there was this happening! Also some woman was just going around and telling people (including us) to be quiet because they were filming. What it was about? Wish I knew...
 Kristen being a cat
 Me trying to look like an alien (I know...nice try)
 These past few weeks I have been wanting to go to this bakery, but it was always like mañana mañana (tomorrow tomorrow). Finally on Thursday we passed by it and I got to have some carrot cake! Yummy, yummy my tummy happy! :)
 I had a carrot and a red velvet cup cake...looks great and tastes great! The texture as well was soooo moist that it just melted in your mouth! I know I am too excited about it, but come on people! It's cake we are talking about's serious business!
 Another cat! Miaou
 Riley and Horacio. No idea what is going on here but definitely something interesting.
 After the bakery we went back to the hostel to get that halloween party started as Riley was in charge of the actual party. I just standed there trying to help her out which means that I warmed up the tortillas and ate most of the snacks before the actual guests I bad?
 When the party was over we headed out to the narrow streets of Sevilla to have free shots and beer in Alameda. One guy scared me with his weird costume and I was not happy -_-
The night ended succesfully with a kebab and as everybody's tummy was happy we went to sleep and slept till late the next morning.
Friday 1.11 :
The next day we (Kristen, Riley, me and Lulu) all decided to search for some coffee which ended up taking longer than expected. Eventually we did find a good place to have cafe con leche and we sat there for a while talking about important facts of our lives. Girl power!
 So many people! Another public holiday once again. I wish I knew what it was about this time!

 After the coffee we just chilled out at the hostel and watched a movie about a fox. Don't remember the name of it, but it was good. Then I went to this international festival and had a really crappy gyros at the Greek stand for five euros! Other than that I had a great time and they also had Mariachis playing! Night saved :D
 After the feria I went back to the hostel and then I went out with Lulu and Kristen to Alameda again. I know it sounds like I'm partying a lot but it's not what it looks like. Then I had a falafel and my tummy was happy again. Went to bed happy and content :)

Saturday 2.11 :

Today I woke up quite early for my standards, had a cup of coffee, did some grocery, bought a christmas gift for my sister ( yes, I am starting already ) and then I had an omelette with mushrooms. The night is still young but I am not buying a falafel or a kebab today...three nights in a row would be too much!

There are still so many things to do before I leave Sevilla but I am not in the mood to do much really :( hopefully I have more energy tomorrow!

¡Hasta luego amigos!

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