Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ultimos días en Sevilla

Hola amigos! Many things have been happening these past few days so I haven't had the time to write much about Sevilla. I have a small change of plans (as always) as I decided to quit my job at the hostel. I have also decided to do a "small" trip to Lisbon before I go back to Greece. I am really looking forward to meet up with Riley and Lulu again as they have been working in a hostel in Lisbon for a month now. It's going to be craaaaazy :D

But before that let's go back to Sevillaaaa...

About a week ago I got to celebrate thanksgiving for the first time with my American friends in Sevilla. I really liked the idea of thanksgiving and it was fun being around one table with this big group of people.
I big applause to Reina and Hilda who made that turkey! It was delicious and quite massive! (6 kilos to be precise)
 yes, there was lots of food...
and good people
 As that wasn't enough the next day we got these...
On my last days here I have been going for long walks around Sevilla, snif snif
 The Maria Luisa park
 hello beautiful!
It's been great living here all this time and having the chance to get to know Sevilla so well. I am so grateful for all the people I have met because they have made my stay in Sevilla unforgettable!
It's sad to leave, but it's time to move on for new adventures in some new place! Sevilla will always have a special place in my heart though <3
Flamenco, tapas, montaditos, cerveza, paella, kebab, sangria, salsa, salmorejo, 99 cent brie cheece...I will miss you
 Spending my last day with these gorgeous ladies! Reina and Hilda :)
(bomba de chocolate)
Why am I doing this to myself? It was freaking delicious though...
Christmas has arrived, but the weather just seems to get hotter here! I will definitely post some pictures of the christmas lights in Sevilla so stay tuned!

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