Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reunited in Portugal

Hey you there! It's been a hell of a ride going back and forth from one place to another, but I am finally back home. After sleeping with six people in the same room the last two months I definitely appreciate my privacy back home.

Before that though I am going to share my last week of travelling around as my last destination (for now) was Lisbon. My friends Riley and Lulu were working at a hostel there and as I had quit my job in Sevilla Inn, I decided to reunite with my friends before going back home and it was definitely worth it!


Just by thinking that I had to go through a 7 hour bus ride didn't make me very excited about the whole trip. The worse part came when I stepped my foot inside the bus and almost all the passengers were angry looking males...scary! That was actually not as bad as the smell of man sweat and feet, oh my! Gladly I found a seat next to a guy who didn't look that angry and thankfully I passed out for the whole bus ride till we arrived to Lisbon. When we got there I was so confused because it felt as a two hour bus ride so I started asking people "Are we seriously in Lisbon?" and everybody was staring at me as if I was totally crazy. I know how to make a total fool of myself and I do it well!
As I had no idea how to get to the hostel I got myself a taxi (fancy,fancy!) and with my Spanish I was able to communicate with the driver. Apparently he understood what I told him and thankfully he took me to the right place (score!). The girls didn't know I was coming that early so I surprised them when they were sleeping heheeeee.
On my first day in Lisbon we took a long long walk with Riley and went to this really nice flee market that took us ages to get to. The city had so many hills that I got really sweaty by the time we got all the way up. I had never been to a city before that had so many streets going that high up.
 After a long time living in Sevilla I finally got to see the ocean <3


The adventure continued with the girls and they took me to places I had never seen was magic!
 It is just impossible to get all of us look good in one picture, what can you do!
 I loved the graffiti they had in Lisbon. Not all of them were very pretty, but some of them were pretty cool!
 These pedestrian streets were not made for couples. Only single people aloud!
 What was I telling you about the steep streets?! Now you can imagine how more or less all the streets were like that!
 Gladly the city center was quite flat, phew!
 We also visited a museum about design, but I didn't get to take many pictures as a woman started yelling at me "No pictures aloud inside the museum!". Here is at least Lulu with a cute car :)
 After the museum I tried for the first time pasteis de Belem which is some kind of traditional Portuguese pastry with a creamy filling...very good indeed, but it was rather too small I would say :/
Lulu, the mysterious woman...
 ...and me, the hysterical one
 feet love
 The day ended and we were happy to go back to the hostel after all that walking we had done. We enjoyed our evening with a cup of tea and the TV show catfish on MTV and life was good.
More to come!

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