Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Hi there!

July has arrived and I couldn't be more happy! In a week and a half I will finally know my results from the University so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I am so nervious already and I know that my life will change quite a lot if I get in.

I know that people usually are afraid to show their real emotions but if I am honest I am so scared of what is going to happen! I remember when I moved to Finland almost five years ago of how difficult it was to fit in and get used to the way of life here. The question is am I ready to go through that again?

A good quote to remember that a good friend of mine told me was "You should always do the things you are afraid of". Now I realize that many things that I have done so far like moving to Finland or traveling on my own felt so scary in the beginning, but if I hadn't done those things nothing would have changed. I am more confident now and I realized that pushing yourself to do something that might not feel as the "safe" choice might turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

I know that the safe choice for me would be to stay in Finland and get a free education here, but that would be something that my family would want me to do. Being selfish at times is ok! We can't please everybody no matter what we do. I am glad though that my parents have supported me to do the things I want without trying to change my mind too much ;)
 I wish you all a good week!

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