Friday, February 28, 2014


People, the time has come once again! I have packed and I am all ready to go. I have still last minute panicking, but I am staying positive. I am glad to see my friends again and hopefully I will make some new friends on the way :)
Seven weeks feels like a long time being on the road, but usually when I look back time goes by really fast which sucks in a way.
From now on my biggest worries are going to be what I am going to eat, how I am going to get from place A to place B and to have a roof over my head every night. The "struggles" of a traveller I would say. God bless the internet though, since it makes everything a lot easier!
New backpack! No more carrying around suitcases ;)
Today I am heading to Thessaloniki to see my friend for a day and then I am flying to Berlin on Saturday morning! In case you were wondering I will fly back to Greece from Madrid on the 19.4 right before Easter. If anyone wants a postcard while I am travelling feel free to send me your address on my email: and I will see what I can do for you :)
Wish me luck!

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