Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend fun and apple mousse

 Ahoy! Here we are once again in beautiful Amsterdam! After a splendid weekend I started my week with a cold and chicken soup...yey!
 The weekend included sitting in vondelpark with the other aupair girls, walking around the city, eating, eating, eating, drinking beer and listening to jazz. The weather wasn't the best on Saturday but that didn't stop us from having a good time.

 Sitting in museumplein
 Some enthusiastic street musicians
Sitting by the canal! Another one of my shoe selfies...
I know that everytime you people wonder what I always take with me and my bags are so big all the time. First of all my camera takes a lot of space and second I'm a woman. I guess I don't need to explain myself further.
 It would be cool to try that sometime!
 Last but not least Jazzz!
Today I tried to impress the family with my baking skills and as it always happens the one time that you want things to go right everything goes wrong. I decided to make an apple pie and everything was going well until the pie got into the oven and the whole thing just turned into a strange apple mess. In the end we had to sieve the extra butter from the "pie" and ate it as apple mousse. The kids seemed to love it, but for me it was a total failure...
Funny fact is that I forgot to write on the recepy the flour and of course the whole thing fell apart without it! Maybe next time I remember that tiny little detail...
Time to rest!

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