Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sister time part 1

Hallo! Today is my last day in Amsterdam and tomorrow I am going back to Greece to eat lam and celebrate the craziness of Easter! It's hard to believe that my time in Amsterdam is over, but I am sure I will be coming back some day! I will also miss these three little munchkins and it's going to be so strange not to see them in who knows how long! Either way, I will always remember this experience as a good one no matter how hard it was at times.

BUT I am still not over with my posts about Amsterdam! I had my sister visiting last week and we did some touristy things that I wouldn't have done otherwise. I finally went on that damn boat tour that I have been wanting to go to since I came in August. Good thing she came and I even got to see Keukenhof and the windmills (or one at least). I am separating the posts in three because I don't want to make my posts too long.

Day one: 2.4.2015

Exploring Amsterdam by boat! We almost melted in the boat because it was so sunny, on the other hand at least it wasn't raining!

 Me and my nephew :) (my skills on editing are ridiculous, but it is what it is) 
 Dam square
 Fries with mayo! What were we thinking when we got the big one? We were eating and eating, but they never seemed to end! -_-
We went home feeling sick from the fries and I had the great idea to have stomach officially hates me now! 

I have to continue packing now! I have no idea how I am going to squeeze everything into one suitcase. Somebody help me? 

Doei doei!


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