Friday, December 11, 2015

New home: Bathroom and Corridor

Hello! Here comes the third part of our home tour! Our bathroom isn't the most interesting room in the house, since there wasn't much we could change in there, but to be honest I don't mind it the way it is! When I was searching for an apartment all the bathrooms had the most horrible tiles with really weird patterns from the seventies. Gladly this house, even though it is built in the seventies, it has really simple white and red tiles which aren't that bad really. Maybe it has been renovated which is why it has more simple tiles...I don't know. Either way, here is our bathroom in case you were wondering what it looked like :)
The only problem we had in the bathroom was the lack of storage space. Also that weird corner there wasn't very functional so we covered it with a bathroom furniture we found in Ikea and voila! Now we have space to put towels and other bathroom stuff and we no longer have that weird corner sitting there empty.
 This is our corridor that leads to the bathroom, the kitchen and the two bedrooms. I know you will be laughing with my editing skills, but my computer has been having some difficulties with photoshop, so I put the arrows on the drawing program...hups!
 This is what our corridor looks like now! We are planning to put a carpet when we get the money. We are also planning to do a painting in that black frame, but we are still on the thinking process (or in other words, waiting for the inspiration to come!). 
 My mom's old mirror she didn't want to keep anymore.
Two little paintings I bought last summer on our trip to Tallinn:)

That's all for now people! Stay tuned for our kitchen tour!


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