Thursday, December 3, 2015

New home: Living/dining room

Hello! Here comes the second part of our home tour! I have to say that I had some difficulties photographing this space, so some pictures have been taken in a different time which affected the lighting in the room. Also on my before pictures, I made the mistake to not take the pictures before we brought all our stuff in...sorry about that!

So as you might be able to tell most of our stuff is from Ikea (nice and cheap),but I did buy the chairs from a local store here and I am really happy with them! The table once again is handmade by me and my mom, inspired from this table and the couch and the coffee table were Lazaros's old furniture that we changed up a bit. Anyway, I hope you like our colorful space! 

The credit goes to my mom who made the cover and the pillows for the couch!
  I guess you have noticed that I love yellow! At first, we were supposed to get a green armchair so that it wouldn't feel too yellow with the walls and everything. For some people it might be too yellow still, but I like the way it looks :)
The coffee table before we painted it
 Last but not least, our umbrella lamp. This was 100% my moms idea that I wasn't really excited about in the beginning, but it doesn't look that bad after all! (and yes, it is a real umbrella!)
That's all for now people :) Three more rooms to go!
Have a nice day!


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