Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Settling down


These past few weeks I have given up on blogging a bit but I will try to keep this thing updated! Lot's of things have happened these past few days that I have been in Finland ( or actually not so many now that I think about it).

First of all my first day here was quite terrible to be honest. Tears were just falling down my cheeks and I had this terrible feeling of  " OH MY GOD THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD!". I guess I am going back to my drama queen habbits...not good!! The worst thing for me is getting used to the idea of being in one place for three and a half months. It's not a week or two, it's 14 bloody weeks!! After traveling from one place to another, staying in one place feels like an impossible task. I feel like a bird in a cage. Okay, I am exaggerating again hupsy!

Even though things are going very well for me I still find it difficult to be here. I am half Finnish but I don't feel this connection to this country anyhow. I have to force myself to be happy here and that takes a lot of energy. Sometimes I wish I was just from one country but then I wouldn't be the person I am now. Thanks to Finland I got to spend an awesome gap year and I have a job now to be thankful for so I think about the positive side. I can't salsa dance here but I can go to the library...mah, that does sound boring!

I am pulling myself back together little by little and getting used to the way of life here. Besides the future is still open heheeeee. Tomorrow I am going to do the application for the University of Barcelona AAAAA! This is exciting and scary but this is what I want and I need to get away from both Finland and Greece and start my own life. If I don't get accepted this year then maybe next year, right? There is no harm on trying at least.

There are many exciting chapters to come! grrrr



  1. I understand you really well.. we say in Mexico "Bienvenida a la realidad", (A saying to express that you have just to work and "survive in your life") but i do not take that as a total fact!!. Ater my exchange and return to Mexico, I feel a little bit disappointed (post-Erasmus depression) because i was active all days and meeting new people all over the world; so it is total normal when you feel like that...
    I am really glad that you are planing your university degree in Barcelona!! I am pretty sure you will achieve all your dreams.

    "La vida es generosa con aquellos que persiguen sus sueños" -Paulo Coelho

    Greetings and love from Mexico

    1. Gracias guapa!! It is difficult to be here but poco a poco I am going to get used to it eventually!
      Muchos besos y saludos desde Finlandia! :)

  2. Who said that you cannot dance salsa in Finland?
    Well, it might not be the same as dancing in spain, but it's something :)

    1. Thank you very much! I will seriously check that out :D maybe in the city I live they don't have much because it's small but I am sure they have salsa in Helsinki!

    2. You're welcome. That dance school is in your town Karoliina ;)

      - Antti