Tuesday, June 18, 2013

¡Ya veremos qué pasa!

Hello there!

A few days ago after a series of problems I finally got to send my papers to the University of Barcelona and in about three weeks from now I will know if I got in or not!

It is amazing though how complicated the whole process was and I still think that there is something wrong with the application. I must admit that my mom's help came in quite handy as I had no idea of how to do this but let's hope that everything is correct!

This is very exciting but I think that I still  haven't realized of how big this would be for me if I got accepted. It would mean that I would move to Barcelona for three or four years which isn't bad at all! But even if I don't get in (which is big possibility) my plan B would be to have another gap year. No matter what the result is I am happy and I know that I will continue to be happy! :)

A year ago I would have been totally stressed out about this but I am glad that I am not too worried about it as much as I thought I was going to be. Stress is not on option for me anymore! The level of stress I used to have was that high up that you couldn't even see where it ended! I even lost half of my hair because of the stress so you people out there...don't stress! Easy to say that but hard to control it.

I am focusing now on the things I can do and I seriously need to start knitting those shocks I was talking about on my previous post!
The sun is still shining in Finland even at 10 o'clock at night or probably even later than that! 

I feel like an old woman when I listen to this song but I love it!

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