Friday, May 31, 2013

Finlandia here we come!

Hello there!

Here is a post before heading back to Finland tomorrow! I am complitely unorganized and for the first time I feel like I have forgotten how to pack! I used to be an expert on packing and now I have no idea what to take with me. We are talking about 3 and a half months here and the weather in Finland can change really fast from hot to cold, ugh! Maybe I will leave my boots here...hopefully it doesn't snow at least :P

These past few days here in Greece have been really exciting and exhausting at the same time. I made an event on couch surfing to meet up with people and last Tuesday 15-18 people showed up at the meeting! I was surprised of the amount of people that actually came! It was a great evening with funny jokes, good food and lots of tsipouro! We had fun the Greek way heh ;)

It's amazing how fast this year has past by! No more gap years from now on ( or actually we don't know about that for sure ) but as all good things end it's good for me to get a rythm back and to do something usefull for a change. It is hard thoug because I can't stop thinking of all the cool places I could visit! My mind is still traveling around but it's probably time to settle down and get some MONEY! hehe

Now I really need to pack...


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