Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hello there!

Here I am still alive in Budapest! We drove all the way through Bulgaria to Serbia where we stayed the night and got to walk around Nis. I must admit that it wasnt that bad sitting in the car for eight hours as I thought it was gonna be. We were singing songs like "all by myself" and " let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" in the car hahaha. I sure have good company with me so the trip didnt feel so terribly long! By the way, I had the best meal in Serbia! They brought a big plate of different kinds of meat and I was all mmmmmmmmmm! I must admit that I could never be a vegeterian...

Today we started driving towards Hungary and we arrived around four o clock to Budapest so we were another eight hours on the road! Actually I am kindda getting used to traveling by you get to see so much more than traveling by plane!

Cant wait to walk around the city tomorrow and see whats Budapest like! :)


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