Thursday, May 2, 2013

May May May

Hello there!!

This is my first post for May, exciting! I can't believe how fast these past few months have passed by...iiiiih! Today I booked my ticket back to Finland in the first of June so I will be working the whole summer again as I did last year...blaaaah. I am actually glad to see all my friends again but working in the market is not the most exciting thing in the world, but that's life! I had an awesome gap year though so I can't complain! :)

But the adventure hasn't ended yet! I am going to Budapest on Monday with my mom's friends. I know...people always find it strange when I tell them that I am going with two sixty year olds on a trip, but they are actually the coolest people I know and I am sure it's going to be lots of fun! YEY! :D

I have to show off my new super girly shoes! I am trying not to get blind with all that bling bling!

fooling always
After taking twenty pictures in a row one ended up being okay...I must admit that I am not very photogenic
Now I am going to enjoy this awesome weather so see ya laterrrr!

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