Friday, May 17, 2013

Budapest part 3


To be continued again with Hungary! It is amazing how many things we got to see in those few days we were there! No wonder why I was so exhausted when I got home haha

 planning our next move
 Another Hungarian boyfriend...
 El Greco! I love his paintings...when I saw this I was like OOOOOH!! I have seen his paintings on books but up closer it is so much better!
 This is the kind of art I don't really understand...
Hommage to the square: Allegro
 Ding Dong...somebody's getting married!
The Szechenyi Bath
Soooooo relaxing...mmmmmm
I still wonder how Bill managed to be around with three women for a week! Even though Denise had to tell him at times "Stop moaning Bill we will get you some whisky when we get back home!" hehe
It was definitely something different traveling with older people but I had a great time!!
On Saturday we drove all the way to Italy where we had our flight back to Greece! Who thought that I would go to Italy two times in three months! At least I got to do some traveling this year...for those who are wondering this was my last trip! I was supposed to go to Turkey but no money no honey. That's why I am going to Finland to work hard again! Should be fun :D

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