Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello there!!

After a crrraaaazy week of traveling around from one place to another I am back home. I had a great time in Budapest and here I am once a again to share my lovely experiences with you!

As I said on one of my previous posts we traveled by car all the way from Greece to Budapest. We went through Bulgaria and stayed the night in Serbia before heading to Hungary. So these pictures are actually from a town called Nis in Serbia.
 My lovely company Marjo and Denise
 Weird writing
 I find this a bit confusing...
Bill got all excited with this! I guess most men have a thing about I wrong?
Serbia was actually nicer than I expected! Even though (if I'm allowed to be honest) it wasn't the most beautiful place I have ever seen, but the people where so nice which left a very good impression about Serbia! Also the food was really good!!
More pictures from Hungary on the next post so stay tuned! ;)