Saturday, May 18, 2013



On our way to the airport we had a small stop for a couple of hours in Venice! Lucky me! It was definitely worth seeing and I would like to go back some day to have a better look with more time.

 You wouldn't like your clothes to fall in there...
 For a 35 minute ride with the gondola they charged 80 euros!! I think I will pass that...
Ah...Venice was expensive but very very nice! Too bad my gap year is coming to an end...I really enjoyed all the traveling I got to do but it's time to calm down a bit!
 This was taken at the airport in Bergamo! One of the longest and most exhausting nights. We had to wait for six hours at the airport and I got a terrible eye infection...wohoo! I tried to get some sleep but it was pretty hopeless...after that night I appreciate my bed ten times more! hehe



  1. About the last picture: I hope you are a girl that burps but doesn't fart...